One of the pleasant aspects of life you will experience when you come to live in Dumaguete is the kindness of the people. When they greet you, their smile is genuine and they welcome you with warm hearts.

Some foreigners experience difficulty when encountering service that differs from what they have been used to in their country. Good quality service can be lacking in some areas but please always be aware that unrefined service is no intentional form of disrespect.

It’s important not to be impatient or express anger with Filipinos over service issues as this would be highly embarrassing for that worker. It’s simply the way it is here. That can be challenging for some foreigners, but the sooner they adapt to their new reality, the happier they will be.

The value of our Ambassador program for newcomers is evident in many ways, but especially when helping you to become aware in advance about problems before the arise. That greatly helps reduce your frustration and, perhaps more importantly, gives you the knowledge that leads to solutions.

Be sure to ask your your Ambassador about challenging but solvable issues you need to know about.