People in recent years have found themselves coming to live in the Philippines and in particular to Dumaguete, for a variety of reasons. Some come with substantial small, or medium sized, business experience, or exposure to doing business at an international level. When they come to Dumaguete they see the need to either improve existing business or opportunities for new ones that have not yet come to the Philippines but have been successful elsewhere.

A skilled and enthusiastic work force is available for most enterprises going from the basic to high tech. Wages and salaries in Dumaguete are a fraction of what they are in North America or Europe. Business space rentals are low, as are the overall costs of doing business.

Whether an entrepreneur comes to Dumaguete to begin a medium sized or small business venture, there are welcoming government agencies wanting to encourage such business, a skilled work force that is enthusiastic and appreciative for the opportunity of good, well-paying work. Many solid business opportunities are available but, as always, be sure to do due diligence before moving forward.