Are you considering retirement in Dumaguete?

So you are nearing retirement, or already have retired. Now what will you do? You love you kids and grandchildren, but you don’t see them as often as you thought you would. Their lives are so busy and, especially in North America, they usually live far away making visits a challenge. Your connection to the community lessens as each year passes. What will you do with the remainder of your life? That’s the question EVERY retiree asks at some stage. And it’s wise to do so. So, what will you do?

Much will depend on your financial position and health condition. Both are central to what options are available to you. You may have given thought to moving to another country to enjoy your retirements years. But where could you go that would be safe, politically stable, have a good climate, have a good exchange rate for your pension, speak English if not French or Spanish, be economical to live in, have good medical services, a place where you can buy a beautiful home for a fraction of what you sell your house for, a place where the people warmly welcome foreigners, and, perhaps most importantly, a place where you have the peace of mind knowing you will be happy. The challenge is daunting to find anyplace that offers even some of those benefits. Now here’s the exciting news! Dumaguete, in the Philippines, confirmed by Forbes magazine as one of the worlds top retirement destinations, and named by the Philippine Retirement Authority as the best place in the Philippines to retire, has all of the benefits mentioned earlier.

Our website is designed to assist anyone who is considering retiring in Negros Oriental, and particularly in Dumaguete. We also will be of service as you come closer to making that important decision. There are many important questions you will ask, and we have the answers. We also look forward to taking care of you after you arrive to enjoy the unique island experience Dumaguete offers.

Dumaguete is Internationally Recognized for its favorable conditions to retirees.

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Your lifestyle is a reflection on who you are, what’s important for you and what’s not. It’s how you choose to live your life. Fortunately, in Dumaguete and surrounding areas, unless it’s snow and skiing you want, your options are plentiful.

If you sit on the boulevard in Dumaguete you will see Apo island with



This can be one of the most daunting aspects foreigners face when coming to live in the Philippines. It’s not an exaggeration to say this can be, and often is, a frustrating challenge. It’s imperative you have an experienced and highly competent attorney working for you to resolve any issues that arise.




A wise, old expression claims that health is wealth. Like any truism that has lasted through the ages, this one is valid and of immense importance to people of every age.

Quality health care had been an issue here in the past, especially for foreigners who had been accustomed to standards of service not availab



There are four main shopping options. Robinsons, Citymall, Lee Plaza and Hypermart.

Robinsons is the largest and most frequented by foreigners. They have traditional offerings such as a supermarket, hardware outlet, fashion and clothing for men, women and children, household needs, cosmetic products, jewellery



Another important matter is understanding the cost of living. Almost everything is significantly less expensive than in Europe, North America, or Australia. Exceptions are electronics, phones, and what else? While low costs provide you with a distinct advantage, the true cost for you to live here will depend on your lifestyle, the person you are, and what interests you have.

Another reassuring aspect is that medical costs are significantly less than elsewhere. .



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