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What’s So Special About Dumaguete?

You may have already be aware of statements from Forbes magazine and the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) praising Dumaguete as a top retirement destination not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. Complex measurements were used to arrives at those conclusions. Here, we are going to discuss other important reasons that make Dumaguete an ideal […]


For many individuals and couples, especially in North America, retirement age comes too quickly, but also not quickly enough. Too quickly because they realize they don’t have sufficient funds to retire in Canada or America. It comes not soon enough because they can’t wait to get away from their years of monotony and struggling. Therefore, […]


It’s not difficult to understand why so many outdoors people not only come to visit Dumaguete, but who also decide to retire there. It’s not a question of if there are sufficient adventures to be enjoyed outdoors, the challenge is to figure out which to focus on. The Dumaguete area has attractions that appeal not […]


dumaguete philanthropy

The Philippines is a country that has many unmet societal needs. Because of this, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and religiously alleviated organizations attempt to fill some of the unmet needs. Providing physical assistance or funding for basic food needs, medical help, and education, are the primary focuses for many organizations. Individuals who which to be philanthropic […]


One of the many reasons why people are retiring to Dumaguete is the vibrant culture that prevails. Because it has five universities and colleges, young student community energy permeates throughout the city. Creativity flourishes in many venues throughout the city. Small art galleries have displays of indigenous and local art that visitors and residents are […]


Many people understandably assume that, because the Philippines is a staunchly Catholic country, with strong traditions indoctrinated since the country was colonized by the Spanish who then arrogantly named it after the Spanish king. Because of all that, it could be reasonable to assume the Philippines is anti-gay or anti same sex couples. Fortunately, the […]


us vet

Because of a tradition of having a large America armed forces presence in the Philippines, it’s not surprising many U.S. veterans are retiring to Dumaguete There is a solid and increasing number of American veterans who have decided not to return to America and retire. Many have Filipino wives and families here before they retire. […]


People in recent years have found themselves coming to live in the Philippines and in particular to Dumaguete, for a variety of reasons. Some come with substantial small, or medium sized, business experience, or exposure to doing business at an international level. When they come to Dumaguete they see the need to either improve existing […]


Another segment retiring to Dumaguete are couples where one of them is Filipino or Filipina and the other is a foreigner. The majority come from America, Europe, Canada, and countries in that order. When anyone from the Philippines leaves the country, they take their body with them but their hearts remain in the mother country. […]