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There have always been significant numbers of Filipinos with foreigner partner relationships in the Dumaguete region. That number has been increasing significantly over the past few years as more foreign retirees than ever have wisely selected Dumaguete as their retirement destination. They come primarily, but not exclusively, from Europe and North America to begin their new lives. An important aspect is many become involved in loving, long term relationships with exceptional Pinays who live here.

It’s relevant that foreigners come to terms with a significant cultural difference here in the Philippines that is different to the prevailing attitude in Europe or North America. We have an expression here that claims “age is just a number.” When viewed from a North American or European perspective, that statement could understandably sound like a convenient cliché. It’s anything but that. It’s a statement based on factual experiences of solid relationships that exist between older foreigners and Pinays younger than them. These have proven to be successful not for decades, but for centuries. Also, considering that 50% of all marriages in America end in failure, is there any rational or moral prerogative to argue against relationships here between older foreigners and Pinays especially since these marriages are usually successful?

Throughout the ages, there’s been regular interaction between Pinays and foreigners. Because of its physical location, men from many countries have visited the Philippines and settled here with Pinay wives. But we can more closely trace Pinay-American relationships when referencing American military forces who arrived at the end of the nineteenth century. Nowadays, the American armed forces are limited to only 20 bases in the Philippines. But a tradition of marriages between Americans and Pinays had been established during the twentieth century. That process has expanded to include marriages with men from Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany, and other European countries.

Apart from the benign tropical climate, the low cost of living, the exceptionally friendly people, what often attracts ex-pats to Dumaguete is their final opportunity for a loving relationship and often, a family. Many who come here are battered from previous failed relationships and marriages that ended in bitter divorces, bankruptcies, and other life events that negatively impacted their lives. Aged up to their mid-seventies, many courageously navigate the complex waters required by a new relationship.

Its legitimate to ask why beautiful Pinays in their twenties, thirties, and forties, who are in the prime of their lives, would want to become involved with foreign men many years older than they are. The reasons are varied. Some Pinays need financial security, others need help with their education and career, while others simply seek love and intimacy. Despite initial self-serving reasons, many such relationships eventually develop into the Pinay loving her ex-pat partner.

At Retire Dumaguete, after many years observing relationships, we firmly believe if a foreigner makes a good match with a Pinay, there is no better woman in the world he could find in terms of her giving love, hope, honesty, intimacy, sensuality, and integrity.

So why why not come to Dumaguete for a visit and check for yourself? You have the ability to change your life in the positive way many of us have done. Why deny yourself the opportunity to transform your life and live this final part in a tropical climate while soothed by a loving relationship? Compare that to the future reality where you presently live, then book your flight to freedom!

Nobody is suggesting that the concept of Filipinos with foreigner partner is easy especially with a significant age difference. But time and time again the old saying in the Philippines that “age is just a number” is proven to be correct with couples finding ways to accommodate each other by embracing their similarities and respecting their cultural differences. The result is many men in their sixties and beyond are given a new chance at life, a final unexpected opportunity to be a good husband and father. Their Pinay wives for their part, get security on many levels, and, in classic Pinay tradition, find the opportunity to give their love to a man who truly appreciates and respects them. What’s not to like about these experiences?



The following are comments and observations taken from interviews with Filipinos with foreigner partner. They discuss how they met, why they choose Dumaguete, and what their experiences have been since they became a couple.

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