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More Than 1 Good Fitness Club Options In Dumaguete

More than 1 good fitness club options in dumaguete

Fitness Clubs in Dumaguete Because so many foreigners are retiring in the Dumaguete area, a vibrant fitness industry has developed here particularly over the past five years. Several high-quality fitness clubs have opened to cater primarily, but not exclusively, to the ex-pat community. Cycling is very popular here. A large number of ex-pats can be […]

Philanthropy Done From The Heart By Margriet and Paula

Philanthropy in dumaguete

Philanthropy in Dumaguete By Expats Who Care Why Philanthropy when you retire?  Do you believe your life experience is predetermined by fate? It’s sometimes difficult, actually impossible, to rationally explain why events happen as they do in our lives. Fate or destiny, call it whatever you wish, can bring people together with the outcome being […]

Expats Starting a Business in the Philippines

Expats starting a business in the philippines kookoo’s nest beach owner

Owners of Kookoo’s Nest Eco-lodge and Scuba Diving School at Antulang, Negros Oriental Profile of Jamie and Nikki – English Expats Starting a Business in the Philippines Though similar to other expats starting a business in The Philippines, by any measurement, the lives of Jamie and Nikki are extraordinary. They are a throwback to a […]