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The Beauty of Dumaguete An Underwater Paradise Awaits

dumaguete an underwater paradise awaits

The Beauty of Dumaguete  An Underwater Paradise Awaits The beauty of Dumaguete can best be captured through the eyes of the people who have come here and witnessed it for themselves. Through our “Beauty of Dumaguete” series, we try and do just that from some of the many amateur and professional expat photographers who chosen […]

The Beauty of Dumaguete – Landscapes

the beauty of dumaguete

The Beauty of Dumaguete – Landscapes As I continue along my path to rediscover and share the beauty of Dumaguete that surrounds me, I again have used the work of local Photographer and New Zealand expat, Gary Webb. In this series of artistic photographs, Gary captures some amazing landscapes that I know surround me, yet […]

The Beauty of Dumaguete and Surrounding Negros Oriental – Birds

the birds of dumaguete and surrounding negros oriental

The Beauty of Dumaguete and Surrounding Negros Oriental – Birds As part of my series dedicated to showing the beauty of Dumaguete and surrounding Negros Oriental, I have used the work of local expat Gary Webb. In this series I am showcasing a series of his shots of the local birds, which he has captured […]

Michael and Vie – A Successful Expat and Filipina relationship

expat and filipina

MICHAEL and VHIE. Expat and Filipina Couple In Love with Each Other, and Dumaguete Michael is originally from Ireland while Vhie comes from Balamban on Cebu Island. Michael is seventy. Vhie is thirty-four. They first met online, then in person at the Ayala Mall in downtown Cebu. That was five years ago. They now live […]

Phil and Marites – 1 More Loving Filipina and Foreigner Couple

Phil and Marites - 1 More Loving Filipina and Foreigner Couple

PHIL and MARITES      A Great Example of a Loving Filipina and Foreigner Couple                 Phil is originally from England. His wife Marites is Pinay. Phil is in his early seventies. Marites is forty-five. Phil’s work as an engineer found him living in many countries all over the world. It was while he was working in […]

More Than 1 Good Fitness Club Options In Dumaguete

More Than 1 Good Fitness Club Options In Dumaguete

Fitness Clubs in Dumaguete Because so many foreigners are retiring in the Dumaguete area, a vibrant fitness industry has developed here particularly over the past five years. Several high-quality fitness clubs have opened to cater primarily, but not exclusively, to the ex-pat community. Cycling is very popular here. A large number of ex-pats can be […]

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Retirement Anxiety is One Reasons for Procrastination

retirement anxiety and procratination

A lot of potential retirees suffer from retirement anxiety When would be the right time to decide to come to live in Dumaguete? Unfortunately, due to retirement anxiety, for many that time will never come. There will always be reasons not to take action, not to make the right decision. The stock portfolio is not […]

How Fortunate We Are to Be In Dumaguete

fortunate to be in dumaguete

While living through the pandemic in Dumaguete I sometimes think about history. It seems human survival has been regularly threatened during each of the past two centuries. The “war to end all wars,” World War 1, was accompanied by what was tidily called the Spanish flu that hit in 1918. What a cruel way to […]

How to Successfully Adapt To Life In Dumaguete

adapting to life in dumaguete

Of all the information you need to know about coming to live in this destination, arguably what’s most important is knowing how to successfully adapt to your new life in Dumaguete. If you come from Europe, North America, or Australia, you will have expectations in certain areas that, quite frankly, will never be realized here. […]