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The Beauty Of Dumaguete Seen Through Its Landscapes

dumaguete and its beauty seen through landscapes

The Beauty Of Dumaguete Seen Through Its Landscapes In this next post I would like to once again show the beauty of Dumaguete seen through its landscapes. This time the photo series will be from the work of Vincent Lecolley, a French Expat who has a special knack for capturing what his eyes see through […]

From Canada To The Philippines – 1 Canadian’s Epic Journey

1 canadians journey to the philippines

The Mental Challenges Faced By One Canadian On His Journey To a Life beyond His Wildest dreams In The Philippines There is a famous saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. To me, this really hits home and when I sat down to write this article it immediately came to […]

Michael and Vie – A Successful Expat and Filipina relationship

expat and filipina

MICHAEL and VHIE. Expat and Filipina Couple In Love with Each Other, and Dumaguete Michael is originally from Ireland while Vhie comes from Balamban on Cebu Island. Michael is seventy. Vhie is thirty-four. They first met online, then in person at the Ayala Mall in downtown Cebu. That was five years ago. They now live […]

How to Successfully Adapt To Life In Dumaguete

adapting to life in dumaguete

Of all the information you need to know about coming to live in this destination, arguably what’s most important is knowing how to successfully adapt to your new life in Dumaguete. If you come from Europe, North America, or Australia, you will have expectations in certain areas that, quite frankly, will never be realized here. […]