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Michael and Vie – A Successful Expat and Filipina relationship

expat and filipina

MICHAEL and VHIE. Expat and Filipina Couple In Love with Each Other, and Dumaguete Michael is originally from Ireland while Vhie comes from Balamban on Cebu Island. Michael is seventy. Vhie is thirty-four. They first met online, then in person at the Ayala Mall in downtown Cebu. That was five years ago. They now live […]

The Effects of Covid 19 on Dumaguete Expats

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has been the single most traumatic and life changing crisis most of the people of this generation have ever experienced. All across the world, this pandemic has had consequences of varying degrees, not only to  of mankind, but to each of us all on more personal basis. The Dumaguete […]