November 2020 - Retire Dumaguete and Siquijor

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DUMAGUETE AS A BASE FOR ASIA TRAVEL- 1 more reason to settle here

dumaguete as a base for asia travel

Dumaguete as a base for Asia Travel Stuart is a vibrant Scotsman with a warm smile that barely fits on his rugged face that has been bronzed from thousands of miles cycling throughout south-east Asia. Aged forty- seven, everything about him suggests excellent physical and mental health. It also confirms his excitement about life and […]

Dumaguete – Jule’s #1 Retirement Destination

jule's retirement destination

Jule’s Retirement Destination – Dumaguete! At Retire Dumaguete we are writing a series of blogs that discuss the lives of ex-pats who decided to make Dumaguete their retirement destination. These ex-pats come from several European countries and also from Canada and the United States. They are representative of the ex-pat community that now calls Dumaguete […]