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Living in Dumaguete – Jules

At Retire Dumaguete we are writing a series of blogs that discuss the lives of ex-pats who decided to make Dumaguete their retirement destination. These ex-pats come from several European countries and also from Canada and the United States. They are representative of the ex-pat community that now calls Dumaguete home. What is it that […]

What’s So Special About Dumaguete?

You may have already be aware of statements from Forbes magazine and the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) praising Dumaguete as a top retirement destination not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. Complex measurements were used to arrives at those conclusions. Here, we are going to discuss other important reasons that make Dumaguete an ideal […]

Proactive Retirement Planning

retireement planning for a move to the Philippines

Retirement Planning For a Move to The Philippines This blog is directed at the many retirees, especially in America, who are experiencing difficult times in their country and want to do some retirement planning. We need to make it absolutely clear that, at Retire Dumaguete, we are non-political. We recognize that as a company, it’s […]

World Travelers – Dumaguete Is 1 Great Jump-Off

Dumaguete is the perfect home base for travelers to explore both the Philippines and Asia

Wanderlust is a German word used to perfectly describe travelers who have a great desire for wandering . These are independent, adventurous people. Traditionally, young adults or college students from countries such as Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, America, and Canada used to travel the world extensively before “settling down.” It was considered a rite of […]

Philanthropic Opportunities in the Philippines 2020


Philanthropic Opportunities When Retiring To The Philippines There has never been a shortage of philanthropic opportunities in the Philippines. Unfortunately, today, because of the harshly negative impact of the C19 virus, the lower class here in suffering on a level not experienced since World War 2. It’s almost redundant to say that the initial task […]

Cultural Attractions of Dumaguete

cultural attractions of dumaguete

Cultural attractions in Dumaguete draw in people from all over the island of Negros Oriental. People gather in the city for fiestas and cultural events throughout the year. Every night on Rizal Boulevard live music can be enjoyed at several locations. Being a city with several universities and colleges, it’s got a vibrant atmosphere that […]

Filipinos Retiring to The Philippines with a Foreign Partner

retiring to the philippines

Filipinos Retiring to The Philippines with a Foreign Partner Usually, but not always, it’s a Filipina retiring to the Philippines. Depending on her educational or social background, she would have been living in North America, Europe, or the The Middle East. What is it that prompts emigrants to leave their country and change their lives […]

OFWs Retiring to the Philippines

ofws retiring to the philippines

One of the biggest exports of The Philippines is OFWs,  and there are few countries whose citizens when they emigrate, miss their homeland as deeply as Filipinos. Family and country are highly important to them. They leave the Philippines for a variety of reasons, usually economic, sometimes political. Tradesmen and manual workers routinely head to […]

Retired Expats Creating New Businesses in Dumaguete.

Retirees Coming to Dumaguete and Then Opening Up new Businesses

Retirees Coming to Dumaguete and Then Opening Up new Businesses? There are many types of individuals and couples who come to retire in Dumaguete and, surprise, surprise, some of them find themselves starting a new business. So, what’s the typical profile of these entrepreneurs? Interestingly, there are no characteristics that define them other than they […]

Same Sex Relationships – LGBTQ

how does dumaguete treat its lgbtq community

How Does Dumaguete Treat it’s LGBTQ Community? It’s a sad condemnation of our evolution when in a time of great advances in technology and communication, and our ability to send rockets millions of miles out into space to arrive with absolute precision at its destination, we are still limited as a species by being so […]