Retirement Anxiety

For many individuals and couples, especially in North America, retirement age comes too quickly, but also not quickly enough. Too quickly because they realize they don’t have sufficient funds to retire in Canada or America. It comes not soon enough because they can’t wait to get away from their years of monotony and struggling.

Therefore, it makes absolute economical and rational sense for retirees who have limited capital to look outside of North America to retire and live out their lives elsewhere in peace, comfort, and dignity.

The Philippines, and Dumaguete in particular, has been selected by many with limited capital or income to come and retire. It might be assumed because it’s relatively inexpensive, Dumaguete has a lower standing of living for retirees. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are solid reasons why Forbes magazine has included Dumaguete as one of the best places in the world to retire. There are solid reasons why the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA) regularly confirms Dumaguete at the best place for all retirees to live their golden years. It’s simply because it is!