Retirement Anxiety is One Reasons for Procrastination - Retire Dumaguete and Siquijor

A lot of potential retirees suffer from retirement anxiety

When would be the right time to decide to come to live in Dumaguete? Unfortunately, due to retirement anxiety, for many that time will never come. There will always be reasons not to take action, not to make the right decision. The stock portfolio is not strong enough, or is very strong and may become even more valuable, the stock portfolio is weak and one must remain to see its value increase. The housing market at home is too weak or too strong. The list of reasons not to take action is endless, why people anxious for a change but unwilling to do what is best for them.

Instead, they try and find comfort in what they know but are not necessarily comfortable with. The fear of change overpowers their logical reasoning. Consequently, they deny themselves a significantly better life and the life they want to have, could have, be refused to have. It is completely counter intuitive. But it is what it is. Why is that so?

Well, those who are sitting on the fence for the perfect alignment of the stars to happen, they need to be aware that as each month passes, their opportunity to come and live in Dumaguete reduces in probability. While the cost of living is still workable for those with secure pensions and investments, and those wanting to build a retirement home or buy one, that may not last forever. There simply is no better time than the present to start planning.

All the signs suggest that Dumaguete is moving from being a solid place in which to invest and live in, and one of the best retirement destinations in which to retire in the Philippines, to a place it’s very wise to invest in for property, business, and long term, real estate holdings.

Also, the building plan in place for the City of Dumaguete, after it’s implemented, will transform this area into something unique in the Philippines, with close to futuristic buildings, waterways, and environmentally appropriate transport systems.

Foreign money is beginning to flow into Dumaguete in serious amounts. The Chinese in particular, are examining Dumaguete, and Negros Oriental, as a place to commit large volumes of capital for long term investment projects. these large influx of cash help not only help fund the growing infrastructure needs of the region, but also help boost the local economy.

The fact had been finally acknowledged that Dumaguete and its general area is perfect for investment from large amounts of foreign capital. So, while those who sit on the fence and wonder about the right moment to sell up and move to paradise, the opportunity for purchasing property or land at modest prices may not last much longer. And that would be unfortunate for those who have lost out on experiencing the unique way of life so many other Westerners experience in Dumaguete.

Do not fall into the retirement anxiety trap and put off a plan to live a life that you deserve. You have worked hard all your life so now is the time to be rewarded with a lifestyle you might never have dreamed possible.

If you want to start exploring whether retirement to Dumaguete would be the right choice for you, we definitely can help. As one of our special services , we offer potential retirees to our region, the opportunity to connect with others who have already made the move. Our Ambassador program is available to all and will not only give you enough background to make an informed decision but also provide you with “feet on the ground” here that have already tread the path.They will also share you there own retirement anxiety concerns and how they overcame them.

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