August 2020 - Retire Dumaguete and Siquijor

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How Fortunate We Are to Be In Dumaguete

fortunate to be in dumaguete

While living through the pandemic in Dumaguete I sometimes think about history. It seems human survival has been regularly threatened during each of the past two centuries. The “war to end all wars,” World War 1, was accompanied by what was tidily called the Spanish flu that hit in 1918. What a cruel way to […]

How to Successfully Adapt To Life In Dumaguete

adapting to life in dumaguete

Of all the information you need to know about coming to live in this destination, arguably what’s most important is knowing how to successfully adapt to your new life in Dumaguete. If you come from Europe, North America, or Australia, you will have expectations in certain areas that, quite frankly, will never be realized here. […]