A wise, old expression claims that health is wealth. Like any truism that has lasted through the ages, this one is valid and of immense importance to people of every age.

High quality health care had been an issue here in the past, especially for foreigners who had been accustomed to standards of service not available in many areas of the Philippines. Fortunately in Dumaguete, partly in response to the growing population of foreigners, new, state of the art hospitals and medical centers have been established. They, in turn, have attracted top level doctors who have either been trained abroad or at the prestigious University of the Philippines in Manila, or the Cebu Institute of Medicine. Also, Dumaguete’s Silliman hospital has a well deserved reputation as a provider of high quality medical care.

Regarding insurance, much will depend on your personal health condition and age. You may want to consider purchasing International Medical Insurance before you come here. Or you may decide to self insure. If you come from America, you will be astonished at the low charges for almost all medical care. That includes checkups, surgery and prescribed drugs. But even if from Canada, Australia, or Europe, the low costs and high quality of services will further justify your relocation here.

Yet another pleasant surprise for foreigners is the low cost of excellent dental care. Because fees are minor, there’s no point in getting insurance. It’s best to pay out of pocket.

Prevention is preferable to treating illnesses. Organic food is readily available as are Yoga classes and good quality fitness clubs. Their trainers can, if necessary, design a fitness program for you. Morning jogging is very popular along the ocean air of Rizal Boulevard.

We hope you found this information helpful.

Dumaguete Hiking

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    Regardless of whether you are on vacation in Dumaguete or have wisely come to live here, there are so many options available to enjoy hiking, you will be delighted with available choices. We will name some here as a general reference, then discuss several in detail to give you a feel for whats available. A partial but not complete list of good hiking areas would include Tabuman Falls, Casarora Falls, Mt. Talinas, Basak Dive Site, Lake Badlands, Pulangbato Falls, Japanese Shrine, Peak Hiking Trail, Osmena Peak, Lasjke Yagumyum, Pulangbato Falls, Lake Nalig, and Makawiwili Ridge.

    MOUNT TALINAS Standing at 1903 meters high and also known as The Horn of the Negros, it is a “potential” volcano and highly popular with hikers. But be sure you are in good condition. It’s not an easy hike but when you summit the rewards are literally breathtaking.

    LAKE BADLANDS Is a lake deep inside a forest area. It was created from an earthquake in 1925. Its wise to plan on several hours so you can hike in, rest, swim, and enjoy a leisurely picnic.

    PULANGBATO FALLS This is unique as it has rusty red rock walls and a rusty red waterfall basin that is created by sulphur. The actual fall of water is also significantly stronger and louder than most other waterfalls you will experience here. The noise is so loud its difficult to hear anyone talk . But then the waterfall basin becomes calm and is an ideal place to swim.

    JAPANESE SHRINE The correct name is the Filipino- American Japanese Amity Shrine. It was built to commemorate the end of fighting in WW2 which happened on September 22 1945. The shrine is located where some of the most vicious fighting took place. This is a well worthwhile hike. Depending on your level of fitness, it could take from 2.5 to 3 hours each way, so allow yourself at least a half day to most satisfactorily enjoy this hike.

    MAKAWIWILI RIDGE is also known as The Saddle in the Sky. Its highly popular for hikers. It has stunning views of mountain peaks in the clouds with and green hills in abundance. This is a challenging hike so be sure you really want to do it. If you do, all will be worthwhile and create meaningful memories for you. You can also sleep there overnight and really should. Go to sleep under the stars with zero light pollution. Wake to a magnificent sunrise.

    THREE CAVE BULWANG TOUR Its important to bring warm clothing because you will be underground when exploring the three caves. Also use strong hiking shoes. Caves are close to each other so its possible to visit all three. They are diverse, with dark underground tunnels, open grottoes that expose shining light. There are icicle formations on many ceilings. This requires a full day to complete.

    Now you are somewhat familiar with some hiking options but there are many more for you to enjoy. Begin with one or two that most appeal to you. After that, hike away to your hearts content.


    In Dumaguete there is a vibrant and very popular Zumba scene for fitness and enjoyment for all ages, both local and international. Zumba is one of the most popular activities in the area in terms of participation. Some Zumba groups are sponsored by local government and free for guests while others charge a minimal fee. The free ones tend to be outside while the fee based groups tend to be inside. Normal dancing takes place either in the morning or early evening.

    The Zumba groups are mixed with both ladies and men participating and often there are visiting International Zumba Instructors leading the dancing.

    Normal Zumba groups are each led by qualified Zumba instructors (Zins) and there are approx 10 clubs in the Dumaguete area.

    International retirees are wellcome to join these groups; both men and ladies.

    Dumaguete Zumba

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      Dumaguete Martial Arts

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        Martial Arts

        For most of us retirees, full scale combat sports are probably in our distant path. Whether we were once boxers, wrestlers, judo practitioners kickboxers, or simply just enjoyed learning the grace and skill of a martial art technique , and the discipline required to master it, at our advanced ages, we likely hesitate to consider any sport that can cause us injury. Some of us though, have found the exact opposite. Getting back into the martial arts reminds us that a healthy body means that we are physically able to enjoy the rest of our day more fully. The first step of course is stretching, which is something that most of us have had little use for several decades but if we are going to be involved in the arts, at our ages, stretching is even more crucial than when we were in our twenties and thirties. Now it is will mean the difference between hobbling around in pain for a few weeks or months or slowly and methodically getting your body back into shape.

        Practicing Martial arts also helps us train our body to move in fluid and economical movements, so that even when you are off the mats, your body just reacts better to do what you want it to do , when you want it to do it.

        And lastly, doing some minimal contact sparring will be one of the best Aerobic exercises you can do using all your muscle groups while the time just flies away.

        So where can you practice or learn martial arts or train in combat sports in the Dumaguete city? There are so many places that you can spend a week trying them all out to find out which one fits for you. There are too many to list here but will mention a few. One of the best is Clint Besario Mixed martial Arts in Daro, which is a good place to learn grappling or striking and hone those skills with some low contact sparring or wrestling with “kids” usually a third of your age. They will always be game to give “grandpa” a lesson. There is also Mano Mano Boxing in downtown Dumaguete , Dumaguete Muay Thai in Arnis’s gym and P and E gym, just across form freedom park. There are also places that where you can learn Akido, Krav Maga, JuiJitsui and even some traditional Filipino arts.

        If you want to get back into the martial arts for fun and fitness, and want an introduction to some of the spots around town, please feel free to contact us.


        If you are a swimmer and enjoy swimming as a way to stay active in shape, you will not be disappointed with Dumaguete city. There are several Olympic size facilities such as Gov Lornezo Teves Aqua Center, which is right downtown near Freedom Park and the Provincial Capital Building and the SPUD Pool which is on the grounds of St. Pauls University. These are both lane pools where you can do length swimming, in lanes that are deserted during long hours of the day. No jostling for position!

        If you instead enjoy open water swimming, well then, you will simply be in paradise. Down the southern coast of Negros Oriental, from Bacong down to Zamboanguita, the options are unlimited, Simply find a side street off the National Highway, head to the sea, and you will find clear, clean water with minimal tides and currents. The bonus is you will be swimming with colorful and exotic marine life, so every once once in a while, slow down and enjoy the underwater sites.

        Dumaguete Swimming

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            whether you enjoy road racers or are an avid mountain biker, Negros Oriental can be a playground that will keep you engaged, and in shape.

            With the coastal mountains only a short distance from the sea, you can virtually travel North or South along the national highway and every kilometer or less find a new place to explore. Head inland along any of these sideroads and you will find your self on winding roads through lush landscapes. Most often the inclines are gentle so, though challenging, definitely not beyond the capabilities of those bikers in only moderate shape.

            For people who want to push their limits, the foothills of Valencia will do just that. Definitely steeper slopes to test your cardio on the way up, and your nerve on the way down

            If off roading is your thrill, then you can blaze new trails, or follow exiting ones. There are several online apps and resources that will get you to where you want to go, however you can also join one of the numerous bike clubs around the area and get first-hand knowledge from the people who have explored before you


            Whether you are a serious runner, a beginner, or even someone who runs occasionally, Dumaguete is a great city to live in.

            Before we moved to Dumaguete, my husband was a novice runner; blending walking and jogging as a fitness program and stress reliever. Even though he had participated in charity runs in our community in Metro Manila, these were isolated events to raise money for worthwhile causes. Randal entered a 5K run for a cause here in Dumaguete City shortly after we moved, which changed everything. He placed 4th in the 5K and that is when a hobby turned into a passion.

            His morning jogs down National Highway became longer runs, coupled with a cross-training regimen. Soon I was hearing, “if we were still living in Manila, I would be able to run in a race every weekend”. He found several running clubs in Dumaguete which connected him to races in the area. It was wonderful to discover that most weekends there were multiple races to choose from in the city and surrounding area. Randal met people from all walks of life who shared the passion of running. Race mornings were a chance to cheer each other on and celebrate new milestones achieved.

            So what about the occasional or beginning runner? That is where I come in.

            My preferred exercise was aerobic and walking, but I got the running bug as well. Randal was running 10 K’s and half marathons, so I was waiting 3-4 hours from the time we got to the venue to the time he crossed the finish line. I decided that I would “run/walk” the 5K runs while waiting for him. During my first race, I thought I would never reach the finish the race. Throughout the race, fellow runners urged me on and as I crossed the finish line, strangers and friends cheered me on! It was a great feeling. So now, I too, had the running bug.

            In addition to the local races, we have entered events in various cities throughout the Philippines. It is so easy to travel via car, bus, and/or ferry and very inexpensive. We have combined our passions of travelling and running to see new areas of the Philippines and to meet new friends.

            There are many places in Dumaguete to run in addition to your local neighborhood. Many people run in the “oval” located at the Macias Oval Complex (early morning or evening). Diversion Road and roads leading to Valencia are also favorite running routes. Randal runs along National Highway and through the city on his long training runs (he participated in and completed his 1st marathon – 42 kilometers – in February). I like to run the mountain roads in the morning and I am rewarded with specular views of the sun rising over Tanon Straight.

            Dumagute Runner

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              Racquet Sport

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                Racquet Sport

                Dumaguete is definitely not “racquetball central” in the Philippines, but that does not mean you cannot have some good fun if these are the sports that you like.

                Badminton is very popular here with a some very good facilities at The Riverside Courts, and plenty of healthy competition from beginning to semi pro. They also have tournament for all age groups and skill levels where you will also get to make plenty of new friends.

                For those more inclined to tennis, there are courts in the main Valencia Square(Valta Tennis Courts), Bacong Municipal complex Praxeville Tennis Club and a few other places sprinkled around the region. Generall all these are pretty laid back where you can enjoy semi-competitive play or just work up a sweat before a few beers with friends. There is a tennis “community” that once you get aquainted with, you will be able to create a wider circle of tennis “friends”

                healty eating

                The concept of healthy eating does of course raise the question of what “healthy eating” actually is. For some people its confined exclusively to vegan or vegetarian food, for others it’s simply eating non deep fried foods and never touching processed food. If you do a web based search for healthy eating restaurants in Dumaguete, you will have no problem finding ten or more reviews of places where you can go to enjoy healthy food. Or you can decide to buy fresh ingredients locally then cook an excellent meal at home. So, it really comes down to your individual belief in whats good and healthy for you and what your overall preferences are.

                It you enjoy eating healthy food by cooking at home, then Dumaguete is an excellent place for you to be. As a port city, with the Visayan sea washing its shores, their is a bounty of fresh fish available to be bought and cooked every day except Sunday. Most villages or small towns have Sunday markets where its possible to buy most forms of fresh fruit or vegetables you could want to have. Dumaguete itself has a large, daily market which also has fresh food, pork, and other meats available.

                Several restaurants offer healthy food choices. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are limited with the more likely option being a restaurant that has vegan or vegetarian food as an option. That’s not reassuring and might lead to an unsatisfactory experience. A few examples of local restaurants are: Coffee Relief which offers Lacto, Ova, Pizza, Western, Asian , sushi and also takeout. Almina provides a balance of good Filipino foods, while also offering Vegan options. Nom By Flying Fish has vegan options and Asian fusion style local dishes.

                What if you prefer to cook meals at home? By using abundantly available local herbs and fresh produce grown locally, and in season, you will always enjoy the best flavors. This is because it doesn’t come for far away and has more time to ripen and therefore develop better flavor. Think of the last time you ate a freshly picked tomato from a farm and the succulent flavors that were so special.

                By using fresh ingredients, the overall taste is always substantially better. Even the humblest of ingredients can be turned into a feast by using the correct herbs spices and vegetables. Using same day caught fish is a delightful advantage that is not available to many people. You can check online and find a variety of healthy, sea food recipes. By combining farm fresh produce with fresh fish you will create nutritional, healthy meals for yourself and your family.

                dumaguete healty eating

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                  Dumaguete Fitness Center

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                    Fitness Center

                    Regardless of whether you are already dedicated to working out, or have recently decided to include it into your life, when you move to a new city, let alone a new country, its always a challenge to find a center that’s most suitable for you. There are ten established fitness centers in Dumaguete each which has its own distinctive approach to fitness. We will now discuss some of them.

                    One has operated in the city since 2012, is well established, and has a good reputation. Their approach is to encourage people to take a holistic approach to their health and fitness. In order to achieve that, they have several programs with the goal of achieving fitness in a systematic and regimented way. Another positive factor is the size of the premises and its perpetual cleanliness.

                    Another seems to attract both locals and foreigners. They have excellent equipment, good trainers, and focus from cardiovascular to intense strength training to bring members to the fitness level they are capable of achieving.

                    One center focuses on body building and uses boxing as an effective disciplinary method that helps individuals lose weight. Their training program also has running, jumping and other calisthenics that are beneficial for burning calories and toning muscles.

                    Another specializes in mixed fitness training which is also known as Crossfit. There is a lot of respect internationally for this method of training. The program has a variety of routines from weight lifting to calisthenics that are designed to bring the individual to his/her ideal level of fitness.

                    An interesting approach done at another center is the use of saunas as part of their approach to weight loss and overall body conditioning.

                    Students and faculty members from Silliman University are the main participants at another center. They focus mainly on weight training and cardiovascular workouts. Its spacious, well lighted, and very clean.

                    Catering to an emerging trend in the fitness industry, one center has perhaps the most demanding program of all. It uses mixed martial arts to teach would be fighters and others seeking a challenging way to achieve a high level of fitness. They use wrestling, Muay Thai, jujitsu, and boxing in their program. They also cater to individuals not interested in MMA and who simply want to gain a solid level of fitness. For them , they use abdominal workouts, cardiovascular, and strength training.

                    Memberships are usually available on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. As with almost everything else in Dumaguete, the membership fees are substantially lower than what Westerners have been accustomed to paying in their country.


                    Though Dumaguete is not know for its diverse and challenging golf courses, you definitely can keep your game in shape here. For most of us that are not competitive golfers, and simply like to get out for a casual game on the links, what we have here is quite sufficient.

                    Right downtown, we have the Ang Tay Golf Course and country Club, which is a median length and average difficulty, 18 hole course which is well manicured. The fairways are wide but there is enough water and sand traps to keep you on your toes.
                    Further North, just outside the city limits in Sibulan, there is a recently renovated club called Bravo Golf and Spa. This course surrounds the newly constructed 4 star resort, with a stimulating 18 hole executive par 3, engineered by world renowned Japanese designer , Youchi Nagato.

                    These two course will keep the average golfer happy, however for those that want more choices, The Philippine sis an easy place to travel around to different islands for some golfing getaways.

                    Dumaguete Golf

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                      Dumaguete Pool

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                        In the Philippines it is American style pool that is generally played with 9ft tables. Amongst Phillipines men it is probably the most popular participant sport and every village no matter how small has tables and the standard in many cases is very high. They have regular large tournaments and the standards can be very high.

                        Amongst the expats, mostly retirees there is a thriving social scene with pool as the core activity and regular meets both purely social and regular tournaments take place with 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball singles and doubles the main games played. All standards are very wellcome and the groups are mixed international ladies and men and mixed ages. Current locations they meet at are Thunder Road Bar and Grill and the Why Not Club. As well as that, there are many bars and pool clubs in the Dumaguete area which all wellcome the International guests.

                        For those who need it there is even some coaches available for a minimal fee!

                        Join the fun!

                        Relaxation / Meditation

                        There is much confusion surrounding the concept and reality of meditation, what it is, and what is the better, or best form to practice. Further adding to the confusion is, if you do an extensive web search for meditation in Dumaguete, you will probably come up with nothing, or else sites that mention India or some other country that is irrelevant in catering to your present needs.

                        In North America , Europe, and elsewhere, there are many charming but questionable individuals claiming to be Yogis or Rishis, who for the right price offer instruction on how to change ones life and move towards a state of enlightenment. You will not find anything like that in Dumaguete or Negros Oriental. But the good news is you will find one very good yoga studios who include valid forms of meditation in their health and wellness programs.

                        One such studio is primarily run by women, all who are highly evolved individuals. This lends itself to assisting in making meaningful levels of spirituality possible for their clients. They are optimistic in their having a goal to use their studio to make Dumaguete a happy, healthy, and light seeking community. They want people to become centered and enjoy all of life’s possibilities. Yes, it sound ambitious, but they are also practical in their approach and use ancient knowledge combined with modern stretching and workout techniques to elevate their clients life experience to a higher level . This one studio is arguably world class with its approach, high quality teachers, and comfortable environment.

                        If you are looking to begin formal meditation training from other sources, your options are limited here. The nearest we know of is a Transcendental Mediation teacher located at Bacolod. But, if you already are a practitioner of meditation and want to find quiet, peaceful, locations, they are plentiful.

                        Dumaguete Relaxation / Meditation

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                          Dumaguete Relationships

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                            Having healthy relationships is definitely an important key to a leading a happy life. We could not mislead you and say that retiring to Dumaguete will magically change your relationships, however keep in mind that many relationships seem more difficult because of the stresses we all face in our everyday life.

                            What you may find that once you have reduced some of the stresses, such as financial anxiety, which is quite possible in a place as affordable as The Philippines, you will have more time and mind space to spend on re-connecting with loved ones in a healthy and functional manner.

                            If you are a single retiree, we also say enough about the opportunities to find a new soul mate here that will fulfill you with purpose in your twilight years. Though you will read a lot of material online about Men meeting Filipina women, western women might be surprised to find that there are also many good eligible bachelors that could fill your life with meaning and joy.

                            Putting “intimate” relationships aside for a minute, do not discount the friendship relationships that you could potentially develop here. Filipinos by nature are warm, outgoing, caring and giving. And they have a sense of family that seems to be long forgotten in the Western world. In all likelihood, you will wake up someday to the realization that you have been adopted by one or more of these families and are now attending gatherings where you are singing dancing and eating with dozens of people like you have known them all your life.


                            Yet another advantage about relocating to Dumaguete is you are now living in a city that has four universities and one college. One of the universities is recognized as a leading progressive institution, while another is over one hundred years old and rated among the top universities in Asia. In order to understand the significance of that recognition, its relevant to consider that only eight universities in the Philippines made that list, and only one from the Visayas was included.

                            Having such a deep emphasis on education creates a vibrant atmosphere in the city that encourages learning and expansion of ones mind. Perhaps you never had time to complete a university degree, or wanted a masters or PhD, but never had the time due to family and work demands on your time. Perhaps you are a veteran and have not yet taken advantage of the G.I. bill to attend university? If so, why not reward your service to your country by benefiting from what is rightfully yours? Whatever your individual circumstances are, now could be the ideal time to attend university as a mature student and fulfil that wished for BA, Masters, or PhD degree. Or perhaps you want to learn an entirely new discipline, or immerse yourself into Asian or Philippine history and culture? Whatever your motivation is, there are first class educational institutions in Dumaguete who are happy to provide education for whatever discipline you pursue.

                            If you have children of primary or secondary age, there are private schools available that provide a solid education. If you want them to attend a Christian school, there are private schools to choose from with focus on a Christian based education. What you will find interesting is most universities provide education from age six all the way through to university degree level.

                            What’s also important to factor in, especially if you have come from North America, and, to a lesser extent Europe, is the minimal cost of education here compared to the often outrageous fees you used pay in your country. It’s reassuring to know the modest fees are not confined to school or undergraduate degrees, but apply also to post graduate and doctoral programs. And, of course, since you are living here and may have built or bought your home with some of the proceeds from selling your home abroad, the costs are further minimized by not having to pay for accommodation.

                            We look forwards to discussing your options, fee structures, explaining the enrolment process, and advising you on which institution could be best suited to fulfil your educational goals.

                            Dumaguete EducAtion

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                              Dumaguete MAssage

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                                The Philippines has a long tradition of massage being considered important in order to first achieve, then maintain, good health. The skills of women in the mountains and more remote regions has gradually been transferred into villages, towns, and then cities. Dumaguete is a beneficiary of this knowledge. Regardless of what style of massage you prefer, it’s available here at many respectable establishments that can be found throughout the city.

                                A comprehensive, but not complete, list of services available include Aroma Therapy, Ear Candling, Hot Stone Therapy, Ventosa Cupping Therapy, Bamboo Massage, Facial Cleansing, Led Mask, Body Scrub, Signature Massage, Traditional Thai massage, Swedish Massage, Manicure and Pedicure, Eyelash Extension, and Foot Scrub/Massage.

                                Aroma Therapy is available here. It involves deep muscle therapy using scented heat packs applied to your back to help loosen tight muscles in order to achieve total pain relief and relaxation. They also use scented bath salts that helps softer calluses, while simultaneously soothing tired muscles in the legs and feet.

                                One company employs only physically blind therapists. Some people are drawn to them because of the heightened level of their senses.

                                Another establishment focuses on integrating your mind and body in order to stimulate all your senses. Their primary emphasis is on having a special environment created by carefully regulating room temperature, having subtle sound levels, organic oils, healthy drinks, and, of course, highly skilled therapists who use a combination of ancient and modern techniques.

                                If you want to really indulge yourself, another spa offers treatment to replenish and restore your entire system by using crystals from Nepal to help absorb necessary body minerals. Warm stones are placed on areas of your back that have higher levels of tension. The overall impact is the release of toxins which stimulates circulation and reduces tension. The price for services is, yet again, surprisingly modest especially considering the exceptional environment and quality of services.

                                Examples of average prices are: Swedish massage 330 pesos (US$6.35) for one hour.

                                Full body massage 400 pesos (US$7.90) for one hour and a half.

                                There are also, inevitably, some establishments who, while offering decent service have premises that are not sufficiently hygienic or comfortable. That’s partly why it’s important you know where to go, and perhaps equally important, where not to go. When you connect with us, we will carefully listen to what your criteria are, then recommend two establishments. When you visit them, you can decide which place is the best choice for you.


                                Foreigners relocating to Dumaguete understandably have concerns about the quality and availability of heath care in a country about which they have limited practical knowledge. You will sometimes read contradictory reports about the quality of hospitals and medical care in the Philippines. It’s important to bear in mind Philippine doctors and nurses are highly respected worldwide for their caring attitude and professional skills. Until a few years ago, concerns about hospital care in Dumaguete would have been legitimate. Fortunately, partly because of the significant increase in the numbers of foreigners, especially retirees, coming to live in Dumaguete, the business and medical community responded by building new medical facilities and hospitals to cater to foreigners with a higher level of expectation and the newly emerged Filipino middle class, who continue to relocate to Dumaguete for their retirement.

                                Hospitals in Dumaguete have a mixture of public and private ownership. Foreigners invariably use the private hospital option. As with most aspects of life in Dumaguete, you will be surprised, often amazed, by the inexpensive charges for care at a private hospital for consultations, lab work, and even surgeries and hospital stay. For example, the fee for an initial consultation at a private hospital varies between US$10 to $15 (January 2020 rates).

                                The following is an example of medical expenses incurred recently by an American family at a private hospital in Dumaguete. Their son required surgery. He was in the hospital for a total of fifty five hours. Services he received included the surgeon doing the operation, nurses attending, paediatrician, anesthesiologist, accommodation, tubing, medication, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. The final, out the door, charges were US$1,900. No, that’s not a misprint. The cost was one thousand nine hundred US dollars for all those services being delivered with typical Filipino kindness.

                                Perhaps the most important question you will want answered is which hospital would we would recommend you select. That answer will depend on your personal medical situation and what you need to have done. Some hospitals specialize in heart work, while others are well respected for cancer treatment. We will be happy to explain your best options after you connect with us and explain how we can help you.


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                                  dumaguete dentists

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                                    Just as with medical services, most foreigners coming to live in Dumaguete have understandable concerns about the quality and availability of comprehensive, top class dental services they had been accustomed to in the West. Now here’s the good news. You have nothing to be concerned about. In fact, your experience will not only be satisfactory, but you will often be pampered in a way you have not been accustomed to at your Western dental office, while also paying significantly less for all services. Some dental offices also will provide transportation for you to the airport should you need it, or even arrange for a day tour or hotel accommodation. These additional services are seen as a way to develop a better long term relationship with patients. In addition, regardless of which dentist you decide to select, you are always guaranteed classic Filipino warmth to help make you feel more comfortable with the experience.

                                    What you may not be aware of is the Philippines is becoming popular as a destination for what is called Dental Tourism. This service is offered to Westerners who, instead of paying outrageous prices for root canal, bridge work , implants or other expensive dental work, come to Asia and have the work expertly done here while also vacationing. Then they return home with dental work satisfactorily completed after enjoying a fun vacation, all for considerably less than what they would have paid in America or in several European countries.

                                    By now you are aware that one of the many advantages you will have or currently enjoy by living in Dumaguete is the significantly lower expenses for overall services. Dentistry is no exception. For example, the average cost for a teeth cleaning is 750 pesos (US$14.85) You will find that all other services are similarly inexpensive when compared to your experience in the West, while never sacrificing the quality of service.

                                    Services provided by dentists in Dumaguete are comprehensive. A partial, but not complete, list includes: Dental fillings, Dentures (Partial including removable dentures, Full dentures) Crowns, Bridges, Root canal. Oral surgery, Periodontics (Gum treatment) Orthodontic (Braces) Implants and Teeth whitening.

                                    Almost all dental offices are English speaking. But what’s most important is all dentists not only speak English but are also familiar with all technical language and current techniques practiced in the West. Consequently, there’s no need for concern about miscommunication over technical matters that might negatively impact the quality of care.

                                    Because a good initial experience with your new dentist is important, and you will be having a long term relationship with him or her, we always recommend you initially visit two dentists. Its then up to you to decide who you want to work with. We look forward to being of help to you with this important aspect of your Dumaguete experience.


                                    Its important to draw the distinction between a chiropractor and a physical therapist. Chiropractors are more experienced and use some form of manipulation to restore joint function. On the other hand, physical therapists are less experienced and use joint manipulation to a limited degree. Also, the educational requirements are completely different. Chiropractors spend a long tine studying physiology, pathology, laboratory testing, radiology, clinical examinations, and diagnosis classes. This is distinctly not the case with physical therapists. Also Chiropractors are available to the general public whereas a physical therapist needs a referral from a medical doctor. Chiropractic doctors who are not Philippine citizens are required to pass licensing board exams and maintain a foreign licence requiring satisfactory completion of annual postgraduate educational classes.

                                    You need to be aware of the challenges you face when trying to find a skilled chiropractic doctor here in Dumaguete or in Negros Oriental. There is no tradition of local or indigenous chiropractic medical care here. Massage yes, but chiropractic, no. While you will find some choices in Cebu and Manila, there are very few options available here.

                                    There is often debate about the value, or possible lack thereof, to be found from chiropractic care. Its sometimes viewed as being on the fringes of traditional medical practice. That’s probably unfair and inaccurate. Its correct to say that a skilled and experienced chiropractor has the capability to achieve satisfactory long term benefits, while providing pain relief not available from medical doctors, with the added benefit of the absence of prescribed medications that can harm the body internally and the mind psychologically.

                                    There are several types of specialties followed by Chiropractors in other countries, but the options here in Dumaguete are limited. Regardless, what is available involves the extremely delicate process of dealing with the spine and the central nervous system. If anything goes wrong, the consequence can be harmful and extremely debilitating.

                                    The procedure when having an initial consultation with a chiropractor is to first have a discussion of the problem at hand, followed by x rays being done, postural and structural evaluation, a spinal and associated joint functional exam, and an orthopedic and neurological exam. Then a plan is drawn up for the appropriate treatment. Depending on the level of injury or the complexity of the ailment, a program of recovery could take a few weeks or a few months. Athletes often find that when working with chiropractors it dramatically helps improve their overall nerve function.

                                    Regarding costs, yet again, treatment here in Dumaguete is dramatically smaller that what you will have been used to in Europe or North America. The cost is usually a fraction of what you previously paid. Regarding insurance coverage, its best to either ask the doctors office or check with your insurance company to see what, if anything, is covered. But, even if you have no insurance, there is no need to be concerned because the payments are minimal.

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                                        The first Spanish settlement of the Philippines came in the 1500s, and with their arrival, they of course brought Christianity. Over the following centuries, the Catholic Church played an important front seat role not only in the development of the culture we see here today, but also the religious faith. Besides Catholicism, which is practiced by approximately 85% of the Filipino population in the country, there is a mixture of over 100 other protestant religions.

                                        With its proximity to and historical influence to China and other Asian countries, there is also a Buddhist following that in some places has mixed itself in with Christian beliefs and practices.

                                        Down in some of the Southern parts islands, such as Mindanao, you will find that there is a substantial Muslim population, however here in the Dumaguete area, they are very much in the minority(maybe 1-2%) It is important to note that there has been no sign of Islamic extremism in the province of Negros Oriental and that we are far away from the regions where unrest recently occurred.

                                        Here in The “City of Gentle People”, people of all religions and faiths have recognized that we are all God’s children and have learned to practice our different faiths with peaceful respect


                                        A distinction needs to be made between charity and philanthropy. Charity tends to be short-term, an emotional decision, an immediate response focused on rescue and relief. Philanthropy, on the other hand, seeks long term solutions to problems in society usually through providing capital to support projects. When the term Philanthropist is mentioned, people automatically think of individuals such as Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates. Another aspect of what’s special about living in Dumaguete is, if a philanthropist, you don’t have to be wealthy financially in order to make a significant difference in peoples lives.

                                        It’s possible for you to do a lot with a modest amount of capital to help positively impact peoples lives. There are three ways to be of service. You could offer yourself as a volunteer to various organizations, or, if leaning towards philanthropic ventures, you could provide capital for under-capitalized, non profit or Non Government Organizations, (NGOs), or begin with small projects of your own before moving on to something more extensive.

                                        The question to answer is what is most important to you? Do you want to help make individuals or groups financial self sufficient, or provide financing for projects or other organizations that are perhaps struggling financially. Helping fund struggling organizations might simply be delaying the inevitable, while also wasting your financial resources, and frustrating you. Perhaps you would be better off creating your own organization. There are multiple options open to you. The big question is which would be the best fit for you?

                                        Whatever you do be sure it’s something you are comfortable with. You may, or may not, agree with some aspects of philanthropic ventures in Dumaguete. Almost all have a requirement that some religious component be included in what they offer. This may be comfortable for you based on your worldview. But, if not, it’s important you are aware of their overall mission and ensure your views and theirs are generally compatible.

                                        It may be wise to start on smaller projects. It could be something basic but extremely meaningful in the lives of students such as providing musical instruments for a school band, books, materials, and writing utensils that are badly lacking, or chairs for students who are presently either sitting on boxes, or old seats with splinters, or running shoes so they could participate in athletics activities.

                                        It could be providing food, shelter, and education for street children. But if considering this, be sure it won’t be too emotionally painful. One visit to McDonalds near the Cerius bus terminal in Dumaguete at five am will give you a disturbing insight when you see boys as young as five years old, after a night spent homeless, being roused from their uneasy sleep by security guards and ordered to move on into another day being rejected by society.

                                        You need to be aware of the possibility money you provide may not all go where you had intended it to go. Thats why its probably best to purchase supplies yourself and hand them over or, if looking to doing a larger project such as providing housing, building a community, and developing job skills for residents, it best for you to be in control of all finances.

                                        Hopefully reading this has been helpful. Clearly, there’s a lot for you to consider. If you need further information or clarification, please let us know.

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