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See if it is right for you before the making the big decision

Before making the move to new life experiences, its wise to have as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. I don’t know about other countries, but it’s a startling statistic that people in America spend more time planning for their annual vacations that last no more than two weeks, than for their retirement which could last for twenty-five or more years. Despite the fact we’ve all gone on vacation to places we didn’t really know but heard good things about, it seems impractical not to first visit a country or an island where we might eventually decide to live our retirement years. Most, if not all of us living here, first visited Dumaguete then, after being charmed by its beauty and its people, we decided to move here. Fear of the unknown is an understandable human emotion especially when it concerns something as important as retirement considerations. So why not first visit Dumaguete and decide if it’s the correct retirement destination for you?

Before arriving, it might make sense to make a list of what it is you are looking for in retirement. What’s important to you? Are you an active outdoors person? Does Nature appeal to you? Do you have any concerns such as the quality of health and dental care here? Do you want to be able to travel extensively from island to island, or perhaps to other countries? There are many factors to consider but it’s uniquely your personal journey.

It might also be wise to know what you want to achieve during your visit. And consider paying attention to your intuition. It could provide insight into whether or not Dumaguete is the correct place for you.

Depending on where you are coming from, you will first fly into either Manila or Cebu airports. Then you will take a connecting flight to Dumaguete which is an hour and a half and an hour away respectively.

So what can you expect when you arrive into Dumaguete? The first tangible element that foreigners notice is the warmth of the people. Rarely will you find a place so welcoming to foreigners regardless of which country they’re from. You may want to sit on the veranda at Sans Rival and enjoy a cappuccino and their high-quality selection of pastries that are famous  throughout Negros Oriental as well as Cebu and Manila. Looking out to sea, you will notice Siquijor island simmering in the distance with Apo island further over on the left. Then you will begin to understand the meaning of there being seven thousand islands in the Philippine archipelago, or, as Filipinos joke, seven thousand four hundred at low tide.

It may be wise to check with a real estate broker about properties available. You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of good choices, and the affordability of homes here.

A visit with perhaps two of the most respected home construction companies would also be wise. Most, but not all, of us owned homes or other property in our countries of origin. After we sold them and came to live in Dumaguete we were able to either buy an existing property, or have our dream home built either on the beach, or high up in the mountains, while still having a substantial amount of cash in hand to help fund our retirement.

If you want to complete an educational project as a mature student, you have choices from several universities, the most prominent which are Silliman and Foundation. Between them, they have been educating Filipinos and foreigners for over one hundred and seventy years.

You could chat with an experienced insurance professional about health insurance plans available here. Again, you will be surprised at the low cost which does not translate into poor quality medical care. You could also visit the new medical centers and hospitals. They have been built to cater for the ever-increasing number of foreigners, and affluent Filipinos returning from abroad, who have made Dumaguete their retirement home.

You may have a problem limiting yourself to the variety of available outdoor options. All I can do here is inform you of some of the choices available, then you decide how to best use your time.

If you like swimming with whale sharks or turtles, then Apo island offers a full day of varied nature-filled experiences.

Casaroro Falls is a short drive from Dumaguete. It’s a spectacular natural setting and waterfall attract people throughout the Philippines and also from abroad.

The cultural and musical scene is vibrant in Dumaguete. You can enjoy positive exposure to the local musical vibrations. Filipinos are gifted musically and will dance at the slightest opportunity. Dumaguete is an energetic city for you to enjoy.

If you are a golfer, you have choices available. It’s not up to American or European standards, but it’s still enjoyable to stroll the fairways, and play for a fraction of the cost outside the Philippines.

Dauin is known internationally as one of the best snorkeling and scubas diving in the entire Philippines.

Hiking trails with beautiful scenery are abundant. You can select from a variety depending on your level of fitness.

And there is more, much more.

So, come visit us. I promise your journey will be well worth it. Most importantly, when you fly out over the sea towards Cebu or Manila, you will be rich in knowledge, and finally capable of making an informed decision about your retirement destination, that will positively transform your life.

Michael O’riordan

michael's life in dumaguete

Shortly after arriving into Dumaguete, Michael  intuitively knew it was the right place for him. Everything seemed to be right. It was and is. In addition to enjoying the way of life, he also met a special Pinay, and is living contentedly with her near the city.

He now operates Veritas Consulting Group, a company dedicated to helping other expats and Returning Filipinos with their transition to life in Dumaguete City and surrounding areas

Contact – info@vcg.ph

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