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The Beauty of Dumaguete And Its Hard Working People

dumaguete and its hard working people

The Beauty of Dumaguete And Its Hard Working People One of the things many foreign retirees and expats will notice when they come to Dumaguete, is the hard work that is part of the everyday life of many Filipino workers. This hard work is usually done pridefully , and with a smile. It can be […]

The Beauty of Dumaguete – Filipino And Family

Dumaguete - filipino and family

The Beauty of Dumaguete – Filipino and Family As part of my continuing series showcasing the beauty of Dumaguete through the eyes of expats, I present this series by Vincent Lecolley, a French Expat. Vincent has fallen in love with the people of Dumaguete and their local culture. In this series focuses on these people, […]

Cultural Attractions of Dumaguete

cultural attractions of dumaguete

Cultural attractions in Dumaguete draw in people from all over the island of Negros Oriental. People gather in the city for fiestas and cultural events throughout the year. Every night on Rizal Boulevard live music can be enjoyed at several locations. Being a city with several universities and colleges, it’s got a vibrant atmosphere that […]