Same Sex LGBTQ

Many people understandably assume that, because the Philippines is a staunchly Catholic country, with strong traditions indoctrinated since the country was colonized by the Spanish who then arrogantly named it after the Spanish king. Because of all that, it could be reasonable to assume the Philippines is anti-gay or anti same sex couples. Fortunately, the heart of the Filipino is one of love and tolerance. While the laws of the country enacted by the federal legislature do not allow for marriage between same sex couples, a tolerance and an acceptance of sex couples is to be found in most parts of the Philippines.

It’s also important to note, moves are afoot to allow for same sex unions with the same rights as married couples in terms of important decisions such as inheritance and health issues. While it’s unlikely those laws will be enacted in the near term, it does bode well for a time when the legislature will catch up with public opinion especially among the younger population.