Adventure and Sport

It’s not difficult to understand why so many outdoors people not only come to visit Dumaguete, but who also decide to retire there. It’s not a question of if there are sufficient adventures to be enjoyed outdoors, the challenge is to figure out which to focus on. The Dumaguete area has attractions that appeal not only to the most active outdoors person, but also those who enjoy more sedentary pursuits.

Apo Island is a renowned marine sanctuary that people come from far and wide to enjoy. Walking the trails or swimming with whale sharks or giant turtles are part of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Dauin, which is close to Dumaguete city, has many beach resorts and is one of the most renowned scuba diving areas in the Philippines.

If you want a quieter pace, then kite flying is popular as is bird watching, golfing, or hiking trails at a leisurely pace.

While the list of outdoor activities is not endless, it so varied and comprehensive it satisfies the needs of anyone seeking an outdoor retirement destination.