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When people consider what type of retirement lifestyle they are looking for, there are so many factors to consider it’s often overwhelming. There are individuals and couples for whom outdoor activities are an essential part of their retirement lifestyle. They place a high value on outdoor life when determining where to retire. An important aspect of outdoor activity that’s often overlooked is the various levels of activity involved. Some folks like to experience the vigorous aspect of mountain climbing or cave exploration, while others delight in calmly trekking at a leisurely pace along maintain trails that provide stunning views. It’s unusual for one retirement destination to have both but, yet again, Dumaguete provides outlets suitable for all levels of outdoor activity.

So What Does and Active Retirement Lifestyle in Dumaguete Look Like?

If someone was to design an environment conducive to outdoor activity, it would be challenging to find a location better than Dumaguete. The area is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty that is carefully nurtured by Filipinos who have an intuitive love of nature especially flowers and the visual beauty they create. Their appreciation is translated into last outdoor gardens around Dumaguete and carefully nurtured natural wonders that provide an intriguing variety of images to those passing by.

Casaroro Falls ActivityA good example of this is to be found a few kilometers above Valencia at Casaroro Falls. A restaurant and observation deck have been built there to allow visitors to enjoy the spectacular gardens and the valley that extends far and deep. Depending on one’s energy level, it’s possible to hike up to the campsite above Casaroro Falls, or instead walk the three hundred and fifty-seven steps down to the base of the falls where people enjoy floating on the rippled water that has come cascading down from high above.

Not far from there is what is generally known as the Japanese shrine. It was there that some of the fiercest fighting of World War Two happened. It also witnessed the final fighting of that war. It’s a 10 km walk each way, so it’s important to bring food and drinks.

The official name is the Filipino-American-Japanese Amity shrine. But it’s generally referenced as the Japanese shrine because they built it as a peace offering. It’s thirty feet high and has a three-sided pillar that represents the three countries involved in the conflict.

Lionfish at DauinA few kilometers outside Dumaguete City is Dauin. Originally a sleepy backwater, it now has many high-quality resorts. Dauin is acknowledged as one of the best diving spots in the entire Philippines. Here’s another example of where people can enjoy either leisurely or strenuous activity in the same area. Its usual to see ex-pats with their wives and families swimming in the warm tropical waters while enjoying their day. There are also scuba divers who come to enjoy the spectacular underwater life which is an experience few will ever have.

Further over on south-east west, Apo island is visible. Visitors, and often residents, of Dumaguete, spend a day at Apo which is another of the endless treasures ex-pats enjoy when living here.

Apo is a forty-five-minute boat ride from Dauin. It’s world-renowned for its beautiful coral gardens and abundant marine life. It’s yet another of the best scuba dive areas in the Philippines. It’s also a marine sanctuary with over six hundred fish species, giant green turtles, and fascinating, colorful marine life.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the reader with at least a partial insight into the diverse outdoor activities available to enjoy in the Dumaguete area. It’s only a partial explanation of the many delightful outdoor experiences available whether you are a visitor, or have come to live your retirement in Dumaguete.

Whether you are an avid outdoors person and want an active retirement lifestyle, or someone who enjoys the outdoors but at a more sedate pace, here again, the unique nature of Dumaguete shows itself to be unique by providing both for you in the same area. Come visit us. Better still, come and live here!

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