The Beauty of Dumaguete - Landscapes - Retire Dumaguete and Siquijor

The Beauty of Dumaguete – Landscapes

As I continue along my path to rediscover and share the beauty of Dumaguete that surrounds me, I again have used the work of local Photographer and New Zealand expat, Gary Webb. In this series of artistic photographs, Gary captures some amazing landscapes that I know surround me, yet rarely take the time to just look at and appreciate. After spending my life in Canada, and then starting to travel around the world, I remember the feelings I had whenever I visited a new place. When on vacations, I was able to put the daily grind behind me and instead focus on what was around me. Now that I have lived amid the beauty of Dumaguete and Negros for 7 or 8 years, I find myself back in the old mindset which lets me forget to stop, look around and appreciate the life I have and the beauty that is there to see.

The Beauty of Dumaguete and Surrounding Negros Oriental – Landscapes:

By Gary Webb

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