Larry and Belinda - 1 Awesome Foreigner/Filipina Couple - Retire Dumaguete and Siquijor


A Foreigner/Filipina Couple

Larry is an American who was born and raised in Texas. He’s 56. Belinda is from Bacong which is near Dumaguete City. She’s 32. They now live together in Bacong. They had communicated online for a while before meeting in person when Larry came to Dumaguete City in November 2016. Proving yet again, how small our world is nowadays, they met because Belinda’s sister-in-law was involved with Larry’s best friend.  Larry and Belinda met in person for the first time at Robinsons shopping mall in Dumaguete.

Because he’s still in his mid-50’s, Larry felt it was too young to retire. Despite having no prior knowledge of the restaurant business, he opened a large bar and restaurant in the Dauin area, just outside Dumaguete City.  The venture was successful. Larry recently sold it and will soon open a new, smaller restaurant.

What first attracted Larry to the Philippines was the vast number of islands and beaches available to explore. When growing up in Texas, he lived beside open water and a large beach, so he felt a natural affinity to the Philippines with its 7,000 islands and beaches. He’s also qualified as an open water scuba diver so again, Dumaguete was the perfect location to base himself with several world class diving areas nearby.

But why did they select Dumaguete City? Like so many foreigners, Larry’s first response was how much he appreciated the warm hearted, welcoming local people. He then mentioned the location and tropical climate. Due to its location, Dumaguete is close to Dauin, Valencia, Zambogita, and all other areas of interest to Larry and Belinda. Also, because Dumaguete is protected by Luzon and Cebu islands, typhoons rarely are an issue in Dumaguete. By the time they eventually arrive in Negros Oriental, most of their violent energy has been depleted.

The low cost of living was also an attraction is also an attraction as are the vast amount and variety of plants available here for their garden. Larry digs then Belinda plants and subsequently nurtures her plants in typical Filipino fashion.

Both of them are grateful for their long-term relationship, and their opportunity to be living their dreams together in the Dumaguete area.

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