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A great story of people who have found love in The Philippines.

Vincent is from France. He’s 37. Melinda is Pinay, aged 26, and originally from Mindanao. They presently live in Sibulan, which is close to Dumaguete. They originally met on a dating web site, but did not become romantically involved for a further three years.

Vincent was unhappily living in Canada when Melinda and he first connected. He knew little about the Philippines but was curious to learn more. After divorcing, he came to live in the Philippines and now considers the Dumaguete area his permanent home.

Vincent has now lived in the Philippines for seven years. Half of that time was spent in Cebu and the balance in Negros Oriental. Cebu city was where he first lived. Although Cebu is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, Vincent eventually tired of the huge crowds, the consistent loud noise, and the pollution. So, after carrying out extensive research, he decided to move to Dumaguete then out to Sibulan.

Both Vincent and Melinda enjoy the way of life here in the Dumaguete area. They are only ten minutes from the beach and fifteen minutes from downtown Dumaguete. They also enjoy the extensive night time activity with live bands playing. Vincent says “The mixture of open fields and abundant nature, combined with Dumaguete having all the modern facilities we want without the accompanying problems of modern urban cities, is a wonderful environment for us to be a part of.”

Vincent is a graphic designer by profession but his love of photography has prompted him to create a new business. He now receives commissions from individuals who request specialized projects that demand a high level of creative imagination and photographic expertise.

When the C19 situation is gone, he plans to offer photographic tours primarily, but not exclusively, for French visitors. Melinda will be involved with providing catering services and also translating for their clients.

When asked about cultural differences, Vincent suggested the main difference between France and the Philippines is the people. While French people are cultivated and interesting, Vincent finds Filipinos significantly more genuine, less superficial, than in France. A great recipe for love in The Philippines

Regarding their future together, these two who have found love in The Philippines have no intention of leaving the Dumaguete area. And they are considering having children. While nobody knows what the future will bring them, all be revealed in the fullness of time for this contented Ex-Pat-Pinay couple.

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