Returning Filipinos

Traditionally most, sometimes all, families in the Philippines, apart from the wealthy classes, have a family member emigrate and go to work in foreign countries. The reasons were primarily economic, but those from the middle classes also left to further their education and gain valuable experience while working in America and Canada. Overseas Foreign Workers (OFWs) where the men were primarily skilled and unskilled workers, while the women were nurses, caregivers, or housemaids, went to Middle Eastern and European countries.Now many of them have retired,or are about to retire. They want to enjoy retirement back in the Philippines. Because they are good savers, they have set aside a substantial amount that will allow them to live financially comfortably back home.Because of its many attractions, and being confirmed by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) as the best location to retire in the Philippines, Dumaguete has become the primary location for these returning Filipinos. Initially, the numbers were relatively small but, as more came to live in Dumaguete, the positive news reached others seeking a new home. In the process, Dumaguete has now become the primary destination for those returning from overseas to enjoy their well-deserved retirement.